Yuliia Pavlikova – amazing fashion photo shoot in Antalya, Turkey – part I

This blog post is from a niiice autumn vacation in Alanya, travelling with my Mom and Dad, my Brother Peter and his family and my own big family.

The day before departure I managed to get a couple of mails over to the models that, according to the site Modelmayhem.com, were staying in the Alanya/Antalya area. And believe it or not: they both answered – and they both wanted to shoot! Well, before it was time, one of the models all of a sudden had some more important dues to attend to – but not Yuliia Pavlikova, who had some days of and were staying at Her hotel by the sea in Antalya.

When we after 100 km in a rented car and in Turkish afternoon traffic finally(!) had arrived at Her hotel, my Woman H and I were quite exhausted. But we sure came around when we saw the hotel – it was magnificent. And the surroundings as well! There, on a contract for some months, Yuliia spent her days doing photo shoots for different magazines…

Our shoot got off to a very bad start, with my speedlights and Pocket Wizards behaving as awkward as never before. So instead, we ended up taking the whole show outside, in natural light. A great move it turned out to be, and we were soon up in pace and running again!

Yuliia was a very experienced and skillful Model, who performed excellent – simply Amazing! – and all our outdoor pictures turned out to be SUPER!
Here, some of the shots – please let me know what You think!

I’ll soon be posting the rest…

:)  //Niclas

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