Yuliia Pavlikova – amazing fashion photo shoot in Antalya, Turkey – part II

This next blog post from the shoot in Antalya comes here, in lovely saturated colors.

Yuliias final change of clothes, a red sweater – minimal shorts – high heels, almost twisted the heads off a whole lot of people when she resolutely stepped out on the luxurious beach complex again. The speedlights of Yours truly, and his more than beloved assistant for the day, Ms Flykt, both also behaved at their very best.

Speaking of damaged joints and more than healthy stretched muscles and ligaments, the photo adventure down at the beach was about to end in pure terror! I suddenly got my eyes on a small shelf out in the water, a flat stone surface where Yuliia could pose – with the ocean in the background where her shadow fell nicely on a piquant docks side – and thougt: “Now, that’s a nice small shelf out in the water where Yuliia can pose with the ocean in the background and where her shadow falls nicely on that piquant docks side!”. The water also struck the stones of the shelf in a really photogenique way…

The Prytz gently put one of his size 43’s onto the wet shiny surface and… Aaaaaaoocchhh! Within a fracture of a second I had made a somersault onto my back and was slowly heading for the water! None of the beautiful ladies had noticed my gruesome situation, but both came running as soon as they heard my roar. As a blessing in disguise the camera was ok, though it had tasted the salt Mediterranean water and even some algae, but it was a lot worse with me. My Back! My back hurt with a really dull sort of pain the remainder of the afternoon and during the voyagel “home” again. Furthermore, I smelled like – fish!

Some time after getting back to Stockholm I attended a basket ball tournament at Fryshuset, where my youngest son participated. I was about to readjust the lens hood of my camera and discovered to my… rejoice (!) that a heap of sand grains had stuck onto its inside. Normally: a frightful sight on such expensive optics, but this time instead: a warm inner flashback to Antalya and the ocean…

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