Mini Miu i Stockholm

In January I had the privilege to meet and shoot talented Mini Miu (web/blog), a versatile, urbane and not least very pleasant model from the Netherlands. She has her roots in Tokyo, Japan, but travels more than happily to other countries such as England and Sweden on her photo tours. Her specialties are in the glamour, nude and fetish genres, where she is a highly active woman with sometimes up to two or three shootings a week.

Got in contact with her through the Model Mayhem where she announced her arrival to the City for a week’s stay, wanting to collaborate with us Stockholm photographers. Despite her light traveling, she still brought some clothes and accessories matching the genres.

We met at Gullmarsplan and there took the opportunity to have our first session at my former workplace, WSP, behind an old stone wall, an ancient monument of one our city’s fortresses.

The images below are from that stone wall session, the first among several that really creative day…


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